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G-10 G10 Hunter Green & Tan Quality Handle Scales Knives Guns Knife 5in Making Grips Set Pair

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G-10 G10 Hunter Green & Tan Quality Handle Scales Knives Guns Knife 5in Making Grips Set Pair

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This is a beautiful pair of hunter green & tan G-10 handle making scales for making a knife. G-10 is an extremely durable material constructed from layers of fiberglass soaked in resin, then oven-baked after compression. G-10 is impervious to UV, moisture & liquid. It is flame resistant and physically stable under climate change. G10 is used the world over in a variety of industrial applications as insulation material and is a high-end handle material due to its unrivaled toughness, low maintenance and excellent grip characteristics. It is also used as reinforcement parts in many types of sports equipment due to its flexibility.

When sanded down and shaped, the layers will become visible, giving an exceptionally handsome look. After sanding and shaping of these scales is complete, it is recommended to rub Vaseline on the scales and wipe them off until theyre not greasy. The colors will pop and Vaseline wont evaporate like mineral oil.

You get 2 scales with each set.

Length: 5 inches approximately
Width: 1.5 inches approximately
Height: 3/8 inch
Approximately 54 layers (alternating hunter green & tan) per piece of handle material.

This makes a great holiday gift, Christmas present, gift for your father, mancrate, man crates, father's day gift, surprise for your husband, mens, guys, men, mens gift. It is great for skinning, camping, hobbyists, do it yourself, diy, outdoors men.

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